Engineering.  A matter of precision.product-engineering

Productive, durable equipment begins with precise engineering. Between them, they account for more than 200 years of experience in the batching and bulk material handling industry. Engineering is responsible for all new product design and development for mixers, batch plant, batch controls and all related plant accessories. In addition to new product development, the Engineering Department designs all custom applications and collaborates with our installers. Working closely with customers, our engineers develop advanced products to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.  Each product is built to your specification, utilizing the latest in 3D software.

Testing.  Your materials … Your products.

We build and test all of our controls and starter panels, along with the horizontal shaft, turbin and planetary mixers all here in our facility.  Customers are encouraged to come to Mixer Systems to complete testing of their own materials with our trained engineers and shop personnel.  Customers also have the option to send their materials in for testing by Mixer Systems personnel with results reported and samples returned promptly.