Twin Shaft

Introducing Mixer Systems 4* and 6** cubic yard output Twin Shaft Mixer. Our Twin Shaft Mixer is designed with off-the-shelf components for ease of service and maintenance, featuring air purge shaft seals, a single drive motor, heavy duty cast steel mixing arms and a hydraulic discharge door. The high volume, high shear mixing action gives you mixing times from 60 to 90 seconds. The Twin Shaft mixer is designed and manufactured in America, at our facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

* based on 164 cu. ft. mixer capacity @ 100 pounds per cubic foot

** based on 245 cu. ft. mixer capacity @ 100 pounds per cubic foot

Mixing Tank:

  • Mixing tank is 5/16″ thick steel, all welded construction, vertical end walls are 3/4″ thick.


  • Drum liners are 3/4″ thick, 550 brinnel hardness, cast nihard.
  • Wall liners are 3/8″ thick, 225 brinnel hardness.

Mixing Elements:

  • Cast iron arms, mixing blades and wall scrapers are cast ni-hard, 550 brinell hardness.


  • Four (4) access doors are hinged at the top and sealed with foam rubber gaskets.
  • All access doors are equipped with cover down safety switches which stop the power to the mixer drive if opened while mixer is running.
  • There are two (2) water distribution manifolds inside the cover for even water distribution.


  • A single electric motor, connected to a set of pulley’s, drive the solid steel shaft that connects the right angle gear reducers to two (2) planetary drives delivering even power to each of the mixer shafts.

Electric Motor:

  • One (1) totally enclosed, fan cooled type (TEFC) motor. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz. Connected to gear box with V-belt drive.

Twin Shafts:

  • Two (2) 6″ square, counter rotating steel mixing shafts
  • Each shaft is supported by two (2) outboard pillow block bearings and shafts are equipped with air purge seals to prevent mixing chamber leakage.

Discharge Door:

  • Inverted, roll gate pivots from the bottom and is supported by four (4), end mounted pillow block bearings, two (2) on each end, and is powered by two (2) hydraulic cylinders.
  • Door runs the entire length of the mixer and has a double, rubber seal, and limit switches.
  • Hydraulic power pack includes a 230/460 volts, 60 hertz, 3 phase motor, 5 GPM pump, double solenoid valve, pressure relief valve, 5 gallon reservoir, 10 micron filter, sight glass with thermometer, emergency hand pump with manual shut off valve for manual opening of the discharge door.


  • High grade machinery enamel. Consult factory for special paint types, colors.


  • Five (5) year, limited warranty on the gear reducer.

Download Specifications

Model TS 4.0 TS 6.0
Maximum dry filling
Input capacity
16,000 LBS.
or 164 cu. ft.
Whichever comes first
24,000 LBS.
or 245 cu. ft.
Whichever comes
Mixer Motor 200 HP 250 HP
Discharge Door
Hydraulic Power Pack
5 HP 5 HP
Mixer Shaft R.P.M. 24 24
Total # of mixing paddles 14 18
Total # of wall scraper blades 4 4
Mixer weight (Empty ) LBS. 28,500 32,500


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