The TravelKRETE monorail delivers materials at speeds of up to 480 ft./min. Buckets travel on a custom-routed overhead track to free up floor space. Instead of adding personnel and equipment to move material, install a fast, automated overhead concrete delivery system. TravelKRETE comes as a complete system, including track, buckets, controls, hoppers and support equipment which is tailored to your plant layout and production needs.

Trouble-Free Track

The TravelKRETE monorail track system is superior to a cumbersome dual track design. Increased dependability and less maintenance due to its uncomplicated design.

More flexibility is offered in the layout of the line with:

  • Inclines up to 25 degrees
  • Curve radius as low as 7’3”
  • Spans to meet individual requirements
  • Modular design allows you to easily expand your plant with the addition of curves

Bottom Discharge

Smooth gradual discharge of the bottom discharge design allows regulated flow of wet or dry materials. This prevents material packing and splashing. Also available in a two compartment bucket to carry two different mixes.

Learn more about how our TravelKRETE can assist with your new and/or existing BatchMaster.  Install a proven, dependable, TravelKRETE system in your plant today!

Bucket Discharge Options

  • Six sizes ranging from 34 C.F. (1 1/4 yards), 5,200 LBS capacity to 135 C.F. (5 yards), 20,800 LBS capacity

Rollover Discharge Type

  • Six sizes ranging from 17 C.F. (5/8 yards), 2,500 LBS capacity to 108 C.F. (4 yards), 16,000 LBS capacity

Optional Equipment

  • Two speed bucket travel
  • Additional unloading stations
  • Additional loading stations
  • Seven pole power rail
  • Curve sections
  • Incline & Decline sections
  • Switches

Travel Speeds

  • Single & Dual speed drives for speeds from 80 to 570 feet per minute