Specialty Products

Everything you need in one place.

Choose from a complete range of performance-proven components, all from a single source. Mixers, bins and silos, plant controls, aggregate heating and mixer washout systems, and material handling options all come together in a total solution customized for you.

Cement SilosCement-Silo

Quality construction and components, plus environmentally-safe design make Mixer Systems silos a vital part of your plant. Capacities from 225 to 1050 barrels. Single compartment and split designs. Silos include a manhole entrance, outside ladder with safety cage, and emergency shut-off slide gate.




Cement Screw Conveyors

Our Screw Conveyor gives you precise control over how much cement or other material is delivered from silo to weigh hopper.  The end result: better mixes at lower costs.


Conveyor BeltsConveyor-Belt

These tough conveyor belts are designed for long service life. The sealed idlers are permanently lubricated. All components are pre-assembled and tested at the factory for accurate, reliable field performance.




Weigh Batchersweigh-batcher

High quality, state-of-the-art load cells assure you of fast, accurate weighing with minimum maintenance. Accuracy is within +/-1%. Matched load cells are sealed to resist water and dust plus provide long, trouble-free service.



Weigh Beltsweigh-belt

Using a weigh belt offers the advantage of keeping your plant low profile, among other benefits. It also can eliminate material handling systems and allow drive-over or front-end loader loading. In addition, ground storage of aggregate maintains more uniform temperatures from summer to winter. Weigh belt conveyors from Mixer Systems are suspended by load cells to assure you of fast and accurate weighing of aggregates.


Aggregate Binsaggregate-bins

These heavy-duty bins are made of 3/16″ – 1/4″ quality steel and welded construction. Reinforced sections and I-beam supports make for long, dependable performance. Choose from 10-ton capacity (water level) to 40-ton. Available low-profile design, divided hopper.





Mixer Systems Concrete Batch Controls offer you a scalable way to take advantage of process automation. The series includes economical micro computer control, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a Hybrid design, and PLC control for the most complex plants producing a variety of products.

E-150 Series

E-150 Series Control Brochure

E-250 Series

  • PLC automation
  • Handles up to 50 mix designs

E-350 Series

  • The most comprehensive, programmable control
  • Customer naming and inventory of mix materials
  • Step sequence defined by operator
  • Modular design for additional functionality
  • PLC, PC design

E-350 Series Control Brochure

Automatic Wash Out System

Cleaning the build-up inside of mixers is everyone’s least favorite job. But it’s necessary to produce quality mixes and prevent premature component wear. Now it can be done easily and safely from outside the machine. The Automatic Wash Out System reduces the amount of clean-up time to about eight minutes. It can be fitted to any new or existing mixer.

Moisture Controls

Hydronix moisture controls offer the most comprehensive range of products available, from the highly acclaimed Hydro-Probe for aggregate systems to the multi-featured Hydro-Control unit for mixer applications. Robust in construction, cost effective, and providing pinpoint accuracy, this equipment sets the standard in moisture measurement.