Skip Hoists

Compact, space-saving skip hoists provide fast, dependable lifting for all material handling operations. Charge mixers, load concrete, lift barrels, containers, scrap metal, grain—the applications are endless. Low-profile, roll-over or bottom-dump designs fits into tight work areas. Heavy-duty construction assures long life and stability on the oversized frame and track.

Frame Assembly

  • Heavy duty all welded construction
  • 65° incline

Drive Machinery

  • Direct drive gearbox connected to head shaft
  • TEFC 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz motor
  • Approximately 30 feet per minute travel speed


  • Five (5) limit switches :
  • Lower level limit switch – NOT wired
  • Upper level limit switch – wired into junction box
  • Hold position limit switch – NOT wired
  • Over travel limit switch – wired into junction box
  • Cable unwind limit switch – wired into junction box


  • Extra heavy structural steel channel
  • Manufactured to fit plant needs

Cable Spools

  • Two (2) special grooved spools prevent cable climbing and flattening


  • Two (2) heavy duty steel cables for even lifting with eccentric loads

Bucket Assembly

  • Heavy duty steel bucket
  • Steel rollers with graphite bearings never leave track


  • One color, high grade machinery enamel

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Skid Mount

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