Batch Plants

Skid Mount

Whether you are just starting a business or expanding to a new location, the Skid Mount is the right batch plant for you. Featuring a wide variety of mixers and control options, it can economically tackle production rates from just a few yards of concrete per hour to projects requiring 25 yards per hour. Plus, its set-up time from delivery to production of concrete is as little as three days. Flexible and affordable, the Skid Mount Batch Plant will keep your productivity on the move.

Mixer Stand & Cleanout Platform

½ thru 2 Yard Mixers Horizontal Mixer

  • Platform with handrails, toe boards and ladder
  • 3’ wide walkway on one side with 4’ high stand

Turbin & Planetary Mixer

  • Platform with handrails, toe boards and ladder
  • 3’ wide walkway on three sides with 4’ high stand

Aggregate Storage Bins

  • Two or three bin (10, 15 or 20 tons each) assembly
  • Mounted on a single frame w/ load cells
  • Pneumatically operated double clamshell discharge gate and adjustable gate stop
  • Single solenoid valve and air vibrator

Skid Mounted and Pre-Wired

  • Skid assembled plant for ease of installation
  • 2 for the Two-Piece Skid Mounted Batch Plant
  • Completely wired and plumbed for operation
  • Multi-motor starter panel
  • Shop tested

Cement Weigh Batcher

  • Batcher split into one or two equal compartments
  • Pneumatically operated butterfly discharge valve
  • Single solenoid valve, limit switch, and air vibrator

Water Meter

  • Water system complete with water meter
  • Butterfly shut-off valve with solenoid valve

Aggregate Belt Conveyor

  • Belt conveyor complete with 230/460 volt electric drive motor
  • 2 for the Two-Piece Skid Mounted Batch Plant
  • “Emergency Stop” pull-cord

Model E-150 Batch Control

  • Fully automatic sequential batching of materials
  • Control utilizes micro computer
  • Scales for cements and aggregates
  • Recordation program for materials use
  • Remote access for service trouble-shooting
Description / Model 16/21 30 54
A OVERALL LENGTH 24’-9” 27’-1” 29’-7”
B OVERALL WIDTH 9’-6” 10’-9” 11’-10”
C OVERALL HEIGHT 13’-4” 14’-3” 16’-5”
D DISCHARGE HEIGHT 4’-0” 4’-0” 5’-0”

Click on the application below to find out how our Skid Mount batch plant provides unique solutions to your mixing needs:

Precast & Prestressed

Dry Bagging

Transit Mixes

Specialty Mixes

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