Ag-Flow Heater

Variables such as temperature and moisture content affect the quality of your finished product. The Ag-Flow™ Heating System is an economical way to control those variables and improve performance. During the winter it thaws/heats frozen material for use. During spring, summer and fall, Ag-Flow can be used to condition material.

Bad weather will no longer effect production and mix designs!

Quality design and materials are present throughout. Air flow is controlled with dampers. The ductwork is constructed of steel and designed to handle the high static pressures generated by the direct driven, centrifugal blower. A second blower is used to provide a constant air flow through the burner. This second blower prevents the flame from extinguishing with changes in pressure and air flow within the ductwork. Overall, our aggregate heating system is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.

How it Works

Ag-Flow works by blowing high temperature air through a series of diffuser ducts that are buried in the aggregate bins. The heated air is forced through the aggregate at multiple levels and eventually reach the exhaust ducts. The exhaust ducts are strictly used to relieve pressure in the material and increase the flow of heated air through the aggregate. The Ag-Flow system can control the amount of air passing through the diffuser along with the temperature of the air. The efficient diffuser evenly distributes heat throughout the aggregate. Unlike other heating systems, Ag-Flow does not produce hot spots in the aggregate. With even aggregate temperatures, product color and curing are more consistent throughout the year.

Easy to Use

The Ag-Flow system is computer controlled, interfaced with a PLC. Simply move the mouse pointer over the icon you wish to control, double click, and adjust the setting. Each aggregate bin can be controlled for temperature, blower speed and cycle times. The burner, blower, alarms and auto/ manual controls are controlled through the PC. To further simplify the operation of Ag-Flow, a modem can be installed for remote adjustments and software updates from the factory. Every step has been taken to ensure durability and low maintenance, so you can get the most production from your operation.

Learn more about how our Ag-Flow system can assist with your new and/or existing BatchMaster.