2021 Trade Shows

Mixer Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting at the following trade shows this year.  Stop by and see us at our booths to get an up close look at our mixers and/or batch plants.

World of Concrete 2021 – Booth TBD
June 8-10, 2021; Education June 7-10
Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, NV)

The Precast Show – Booth 1117
May 20 – 22, 2021
New Orleans Convention Center (New Orleans, LA)

NCBVA Annual Convention


Enterprise Precast, Corsicana Texas

A diversified economy and population growth are tempering the effect depressed energy prices would traditionally have had on the Texas construction market, where commercial building work held strong this year on the heels of surging 2013–14 activity. One of the most recent arrivals in architectural precast production, Enterprise Precast Concrete of Texas, LLC, is set to close out a year when historic rainfall totals—40 inches or more in some central and eastern parts of the state, or four times their normal annual precipitation levels—were as disruptive as oil dropping to $40/barrel. Read More

Shotcrete/Sprayed Concrete Market by Process, by Application, by System and by Region – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020

Shotcrete/Sprayed Concrete Market by Process (Wet – Mix & Dry – Mix), by Application (Underground Construction, Water Retaining Structures, Protective Coatings, Repair Works & Others), by System (Robotic & Manual) and by Region – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020″

Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete that is generally self-supporting without the need for form work. Shotcrete is conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique. The key applications of shotcrete are tunnel linings, mining operations, rehabilitation works, refractory systems, and others. Read More

New technique could make cement manufacturing carbon-neutral

Concrete surrounds us in our cities and stretches across the land in a vast network of highways. It’s so ubiquitous that most of us take it for granted, but many aren’t aware that concrete’s key ingredient, ordinary portland cement, is a major producer of greenhouse gases.

Each year, manufacturers produce around 5 billion tons of portland cement — the gray powder that mixes with water to form the “glue” that holds concrete together.  Read More

Providing Cutting Edge Precast Solutions Worldwide for Almost 70 Years

Its been nearly 70 years since Spancrete cast its first concrete plank in Waukesha, Wisconsin. From its humble beginnings in 1946 as West Allis Concrete Products, Spancrete has grown from a local concrete block business to a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of precast concrete building solutions and turn-key production facilities.

The third-generation, family-owned business headquartered in Waukesha, Read More


Coating is Key to Reducing Heat Transfer

A leading independent in one of the more specialized areas of manufactured concrete, Rialto, Calif.-based Eagle Roofing Products continues regional rollout of Platinum Tile, whose patented, penetrating coating acts as a thermal insulator to reduce heat transfer into and out of a structure. Applied to freshly extruded concrete tile, the coating is a product of nanotechnology, where measurements tend to billionths of a meter. Read More

Could Ash be the solution?

Is fly ash an essential part of your operation? Use of fly ash in concrete has been on the rise, and for good reasons. Fly ash can produce concrete with higher strength, lower permeability, and a lower carbon footprint. Read More

Mixer Systems Part of New Solution

A contractor upgrading a Whiting, Ind., petroleum refinery recently tapped a distant precast producer for a mostly rectangular vault , one side with a slight, coffin-like angle to accommodate site infrastructure. While customized recast concrete might economically “travel” farther than a standard product, it takes unusual circumstances to justify
shipping a mundane, 75-ton under ground structure from near the Gulf of Mexico to the southern tip of Lake Michigan.Mixer-Systems-Planetary-Mixer

Houston-based Locke Solutions recognized site, labor and safety circumstances surrounding the refinery structure, and delivered a precast solution for a customer mindful of cast-in-place methods’ quality control and schedule variables. The upstart producer thrives on oddball requirements and one-of-a-kind jobsite conditions calling for product fabricated beyond ASTM or related parameters.

Locke Solutions capped its second year in production with a batch plant installation. Mixer Systems furnished a 1.5-yd. planetary mixer, whose twin discharge doors feed buckets transferred by tandem overhead cranes. The batch plant has a 2- to 2.5-minute cycle time, depending on mix design, and affords plant crews the option of
a single 1.5-yd. load or a double batch in a 3-yd. bucket. Mixer Systems also equipped the operation with two 30-ton sand & gravel bins, plus 350-bbl cement silo. The plant runs on E-150 touch screen controls, for which up to 50 mix designs can be programmed.

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